The Next Full Moon

As I was up before sunrise this morning, I gazed at the full moon in the western sky - the last full moon of winter. I could not help but think of the next full moon, the first of the spring season marking the coming of Easter. My mind went back two thousand years and … Continue reading The Next Full Moon

Where Have All The Fishers Gone?

My father-in-law was an avid fisherman. It was not uncommon to find him gutting and scaling dozens of fish in the backyard. He chose to retire near a river known for excellent fishing. My father-in-law took me fishing on several occasions, but I never caught a fish. Here is this man who usually comes home … Continue reading Where Have All The Fishers Gone?

Spring training.

  On February 14 my heart will be filled with love. The smells, the sounds, the anticipation of things marvelous to come will fill the air. I know it is Valentine's Day, but this year it is also the day pitchers, and catchers report to spring training for the Cleveland Indians.   With hopes my … Continue reading Spring training.