Wise Guys And A Toddler

As the calendar pages flip through the passing centuries, the misnomers of Christmas have continued to grow. The misinformation of the first Christmas grew from tradition and experienced a growth spurt during the twentieth century with the increase of media through movies and television. One error, in particular, is seen in nearly every place that … Continue reading Wise Guys And A Toddler

Christmas – Think About It

Last week I gave you my yearly rant about the commercialization of the holiday we call Christmas. This week I am asking you to think about Christmas - not the decorations or the gifts, but why the first Christmas happened, and it's significance. What the Bible says about the first Christmas is challenging to believe. … Continue reading Christmas – Think About It

Christmas Time Is Coming!

It is a sad thing that a large portion of the population looks more forward to December 26 than December 25. People can wake up the morning of the 26th and think, "It's finally over. This whole Christmas thing is over!" Years ago, I took a stress test. Not the treadmill thing, but a written … Continue reading Christmas Time Is Coming!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and God’s Hurt Feelings.

The holiday season is rolling in. Thanksgiving is about a week away. Some stores are already selling at "Black Friday Prices." I love Thanksgiving; I hate Black Friday. Let us start with the good news. I love Thanksgiving. I love turning on the television early in the morning and watching the parades. After fifty-plus years, … Continue reading Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and God’s Hurt Feelings.