“Why” is the question everyone wants answered but no one wants to answer. When I was a child, I would “why” my parents to death. From mundane questions like, “Why are we going to the store?” To weird stuff that simply popped into my mind, such as, “Why is there time?” Mom was good for … Continue reading Why?

Love the sinner; hate the sin

They happened in homes across the land, some have even occurred in restaurants, workplaces, and other places of business. They are called interventions. During an intervention, friends, family and loved ones will gather to talk to someone about how they are ruining their life and possibly the lives of those around them. The group will … Continue reading Love the sinner; hate the sin


My home sits surrounded by farmer's fields. Living in this environment is conducive to having a problem with mice, especially around harvest time. As the crops leave the areas the food supply for the field mice is taken away, and they scamper to the nearby buildings in search of food. Because of this, we got … Continue reading Authority

It’s OK to Read the End of the Book

  When our Easter evening services ended, there was a surprise when everyone saw an inch of snow was on the ground. By morning there were four. Many people wish for a white Christmas, but few, if any, want a white Easter. The fresh layer of snow should melt by afternoon, the highs are predicted … Continue reading It’s OK to Read the End of the Book

Sitting, Standing, Running, Rising

When reading the events of and surrounding the Crucifixion of Christ, it is interesting to watch how people respond. The self-righteousness of Caiaphas, the High Priest, as he refuses to put the blood money that came from the treasury back into the coffers. Governor Pilate as he struggles with his agonizing question, “What is truth?” … Continue reading Sitting, Standing, Running, Rising

Easter The Holiday

Easter has always been an intriguing holiday for me. Not what the holiday is about; the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but how people celebrate the day. By saying how people celebrate the day, I am not talking about bunnies and eggs; I am referring to how some will give the day reverence, yet ignore its … Continue reading Easter The Holiday

Circumcision of the heart

Slightly over three-fourths of boys born in the United States are circumcised as newborns. While circumcision is not a life-saving surgery, circumcision of the heart will change lives. Before you start thinking there is some new medical procedure for the physical organ we call the heart, please understand, the heart I am writing about is … Continue reading Circumcision of the heart