Where Have All The Fishers Gone?

My father-in-law was an avid fisherman. It was not uncommon to find him gutting and scaling dozens of fish in the backyard. He chose to retire near a river known for excellent fishing. My father-in-law took me fishing on several occasions, but I never caught a fish. Here is this man who usually comes home … Continue reading Where Have All The Fishers Gone?

The Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast

My inbox overflows with the same question from dozens of readers - Is the vaccine the mark of the Beast?  Not long ago, I used this column to answer some of the more common questions I receive. The "Is the vaccine the mark" question was briefly addressed at that time; however, mail with the question … Continue reading The Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast


In the days before the "No weapons on school property" policy, you could travel to any High School in the county where I live and see quite a few gun racks in the rear windows of pick-up trucks. A high percentage of those gun racks held either a shotgun or rifle. In many areas of … Continue reading Lukewarmness