Unprofitable Servants

When a boss comes to an employee and complains about their performance, often the employee defends themselves with the words, "I've done everything you told me to do!" When it comes to Christians serving God, often we look at what we do and think God will be satisfied because we check all the "to do" … Continue reading Unprofitable Servants

What We Are Made Of.

What are we made of? The typical answer is "dirt." It is true; God did form us from the "dust of the ground" (Genesis 2:7). However, there is far more to us than soil. God formed Adam during the sixth day of creation. Our creation was unique in several ways. Humankind is the only thing … Continue reading What We Are Made Of.

Money, Money, Money.

In the early days of home computers, I played a game with my kids called "Gazillionaire." In that game, there is a character who only says, "Money, money, money!" His voice is nasal tone and eerie, rather creepy. I found the game again recently and have played with some of my grandchildren. Every once in … Continue reading Money, Money, Money.


Christian, does it ever seem that the Christian life does not live up to the hype? Is the joy and peace being a Christian should bring beginning to look like something we experience in heaven instead of something attainable during this life? If this seems to be the case, please read on. In agriculture, if … Continue reading Fruit