It’s Holiday Season?

My youngest granddaughter had a birthday party the other day. Only the family attended, not all the family, only some of the cousins. After the presents, cake, and balloons, one of the adults said, "Does it seem like Thanksgiving to anybody?" The response was unanimous; no one thought it seemed like Thanksgiving.  My first thought, … Continue reading It’s Holiday Season?

Disappointment, Depression And Deliverance

Whoever said, "Life is not a bed a roses" was one-hundred percent wrong. Life is exactly like a bed of roses. Sometimes, life is beautiful, soft, and full of fragrance. At other times, life is itchy stems and painful thorns. Like roses, we try only to allow people to see the beautiful petals above the … Continue reading Disappointment, Depression And Deliverance

Could Both Sides Be Right?

Going into this year's elections, depending on who you listened to, our nation was about to be destroyed; it would never be the same. The problem is - no matter who you heard; the result was exact - if the other side wins - America collapses. Pause for a moment, look out the window; notice … Continue reading Could Both Sides Be Right?

Timeline Of The Mark

There may be an underlining thought out there that we are nearing the time when the Antichrist will cause everyone to receive a mark to buy or sell. I bring this up because I usually receive emails asking about something I have recently written. However, I have received multiple emails about this topic in the … Continue reading Timeline Of The Mark