Hebrews, chapter eleven, is commonly known as "the faith chapter." The chapter gives a summary of the acts of faith exhibited by some of the Bible's great characters - Noah, Abraham, Moses, and others. Toward the end of the chapter, it starts talking about believers in general. Hebrews 11:36-38, "And others had trial of cruel mockings and … Continue reading Faithful?

What Is Love?

"I love you" are words that seem to be said, either too often or far too little. I know people where it seems, "I love you" is interchangeable with "hello" and "good-bye." On the other end of the spectrum are people who, if they said, "I love you," smelling salts would be needed for the … Continue reading What Is Love?

God Has A Plan

When rotten things happen in life; God does have a plan. In John chapter eleven, there is the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. For some background, this is how the story goes. Lazarus, a man from the town of Bethany, is sick. Lazarus lives with his two sisters Mary and Martha. The … Continue reading God Has A Plan

When to Help?

When to Help? The other day, I was with a group of ministers, and the conversation somehow turned to the times when people come to the church to ask for monetary help. We all had experiences with phone calls, visits, and surprising as it may seem, each of us has had someone come in interrupting … Continue reading When to Help?

God’s Adoption

This morning while reading through social media, I saw a post listing eight promises from God. Every one of them is true, but the problem is, many people will apply God's promises to themselves when they only apply to God's children. We have a relationship with our children that we do not have with the … Continue reading God’s Adoption

The Bible – The Absolute Authority

Last week this column was a call to repentance. This week I hope to address a problem that seems to be rampant among Christians today - not believing the Bible. Back in 1987, I visited a church in Georgia. The Pastor preached out of several New Testament passages. His main thrust was why these verses … Continue reading The Bible – The Absolute Authority

A Call To Repentance

One of the rules of journalism is not to use old clichés but sometimes I feel like I am barking up the wrong tree, or beating a dead horse. Here we are a new week and another column containing the words, "Another mass shooting." At the risk of sounding redundant, the two quotes that keep … Continue reading A Call To Repentance