Will The Rapture Be That Big Of An Event?

The rapture as Christians call it is the Biblical prophecy of Jesus appearing in the sky and calling all the real Christians home to heaven. Those Christians that have passed away since Christ's resurrection will also be resurrected and acquire their eternal bodies. Those Christians that are alive when the rapture comes will appear, to … Continue reading Will The Rapture Be That Big Of An Event?

Church VS A High School Pep Rally

Way back in the day, way back before high school basketball had a three-point shot, way back when I was in high school, my high school had an outstanding basketball team. We were a large school, playing the best schools in the state of Ohio. In my junior year, we went to the final four, … Continue reading Church VS A High School Pep Rally

Signs All Around Us

The Apostles asked Jesus, "Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world" (Matthew 24:3)? The Bible, and the New Testament, in particular, are filled with signs for the second coming. Think of prophetic signs this way - they are like clouds. Clouds … Continue reading Signs All Around Us

The Final Demise of Iran

How will the current saber-rattling between the United States and Iran end? Time will tell. How will Iran come to an end? The Bible tells us. Persia is mentioned by name in the Bible twenty-nine times. Persia changed its name to Iran in March of 1935. Whenever you read about Persia in the Scriptures, you … Continue reading The Final Demise of Iran