Parents Now Days

While eating at a fast food restaurant, I had the privilege to watch a young boy interact with others and how his mom dealt with the situation. The tabletops were at nose-height as the lad bounced from table to table examining what people were eating. Mom was waiting in line, ready to order their food, … Continue reading Parents Now Days

Things Sacred

A few days ago White House Chief of Staff, former General John Kelly gave a speech. The speech mainly discussed the procedures taken when an American soldier dies in action and how heart-wrenching it is for commanders, or anyone, to call or write the family. After expressing the difficulty in expressing condolences to the widow … Continue reading Things Sacred

Sin or Mistakes?

Sin is not a word not heard much anymore; trespass, iniquity, and abomination are also Biblical terms that are not used often in conversation today. If someone brings up the topic of sin today often the word “mistake” or the phrase “doing something wrong” is used. Some may say the verbiage used today is easier … Continue reading Sin or Mistakes?

The Larger Picture

The first two chapters of Job are fascinating. Satan visits heaven, and God asks Satan if he has thought about Job (Job 1:6-8). Satan explains to God that because of the “hedge” God had placed around Job; Satan had been unable to harm him (Job 1:9-10). At that time, God lowers the hedge and tells … Continue reading The Larger Picture

Why Did Jesus Christ Die?

This week's question, “Why did Jesus Christ die?” is straightforward enough. Sometimes, however, when you combine that with the answers to other questions, things do not add up. The sad thing is; many people do not see how their answers, when put together, do not collaborate. “He died for our sins.” “He died to save … Continue reading Why Did Jesus Christ Die?