Another shooting

"It is a gun problem.” “It is a mental health issue.” Those two quotes were coming out of the mouths of pundits in one form or another since the school shooting in Parkland Florida faster than Olympic downhill skiers going down the slopes. Years ago, my first visit to a heart doctor was a good … Continue reading Another shooting


About two weeks ago my wife was visiting a Pastor as part of her job at the local pregnancy center. When she arrived at the church, posted on the door was the notice, “For the security of the congregation all doors will be locked five minutes after the beginning of each service.”   A week … Continue reading CHANGING TIMES; PERILOUS TIMES

Spring training.

  On February 14 my heart will be filled with love. The smells, the sounds, the anticipation of things marvelous to come will fill the air. I know it is Valentine's Day, but this year it is also the day pitchers, and catchers report to spring training for the Cleveland Indians.   With hopes my … Continue reading Spring training.

If the foundations be destroyed

Back in my younger days, I took a real estate course. Seeing that I have never bought or sold a piece of land, or become a landlord, the course was probably a waste of time and money. However, there are a few things I remember, one being the instructor told us, “If the foundation and … Continue reading If the foundations be destroyed