Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Julie and I have fourteen grandchildren. We are less than forty-eight hours from our first grandchild being married. When most of you read this, the happy couple will be on their honeymoon. If I were to give blanket advice to them and every other couple on the planet, here is what I would say. Julie … Continue reading Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Puzzle Pieces – Russia, Israel, Ukraine.

Questions keep rolling into my mailbox. Over the last few weeks, the most asked question is - Does this Russia/Ukraine thing have anything to do with Bible prophecy? The short answer is - Indirectly yes. For the long answer, one needs to turn to Ezekiel chapters 38-39. Because names of nations change over the years, … Continue reading Puzzle Pieces – Russia, Israel, Ukraine.

Anyone Notice The Snow Outside?

Snow is polarizing. People either hate it, or they love it. "I hate driving in the stuff!" "I can't wait to get outside and build a snowman!" You get my drift (pun intended). Here in my neck of the woods, it snowed from last Wednesday afternoon till about midnight Thursday night. People started emerging from … Continue reading Anyone Notice The Snow Outside?

Why People Do Not Trust The Government

I was born late in the Eisenhower administration. One of my earliest memories in life is the Kennedy assassination. The first President I remember watching on TV is Johnson. I offer that information only to give you an idea of when I grew up. On social media, I see pictures of kids from the fifties … Continue reading Why People Do Not Trust The Government