What Is Armageddon?

A word used too loosely nowadays is Armageddon. It seems like anything big or significant and unpleasant is some sort of "mageddon" event, such as snowmageddon and retail-mageddon. The recent threat of nuclear war has brought the idea of Armageddon happening to mainstream thinking. A global nuclear war would be the worst event thus far … Continue reading What Is Armageddon?

When Will The Water Break?

One thing that has always surprised me is how many Christians are surprised by world events. For example, the current nuclear threat by the Russians has brought a lot of questions about Armageddon, especially if we will see the battle of Armageddon in the next few months. The answer is no. We do not know … Continue reading When Will The Water Break?

Back To The Basics

In my younger days, I was an athlete. I won several state bowling titles and always seemed to hit a baseball better than my peers. When it came to basketball, I was born too early, the three-point line was still a thing of the future, but I was a terror from twenty-plus feet. However, I … Continue reading Back To The Basics