A Watered-Down Faith

My opinions of church may seem contradictory to many readers. On the one hand, I believe every Christian should attend church whenever humanly possible. That includes Sunday morning services and Sunday evening and mid-week services as well. On the other hand, I have written about how many modern-day church services resemble high school pep rallies … Continue reading A Watered-Down Faith

Saving Faith VS Not Saving Faith

I have a deep concern for people who claim to be Christians but show no signs of being Christian. Let me explain - often, I will talk to people in their fifties and sixties who tell me they are Christians. Then through the course of conversation, I find out they have not attended church since … Continue reading Saving Faith VS Not Saving Faith

Intolerant Or Correct?

My dad would only own a Chevy. My father-in-law retired from the Ford Motor company. He would only drive a Ford. A Honda and a Kia are currently in my driveway despite their opinions. I learned a lot from these men. Both gave me advice, and it was usually correct. Often their opinions were the … Continue reading Intolerant Or Correct?

The Probable Sequence of Events.

Often people will grab a current event and claim it is something from the book of Revelation. Anything in Revelation from chapter four on is, at this present time, still future. Therefore, when someone claims that a current event is Revelation (choose chapter and verse), well, unless we just went through Revelation 4:1-2, it is … Continue reading The Probable Sequence of Events.