Things to keep an eye on.

“And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.” - Jesus Christ as recorded in Mark 13:37. It is that time of year when the news stations will host a year in review program, the tabloids will give some surprising predictions for the upcoming year, and millions of people will make at least … Continue reading Things to keep an eye on.

The story behind the gift wrap.

Maybe it is because I do not get out as much as I should; perhaps it is because the only Christmas shopping I do is for my wife, but something happened this week that has not happened to me in several years – I found wrapping paper that had something about Jesus on it. The … Continue reading The story behind the gift wrap.

Jerusalem – What is coming

President Trump did something that no world leader has been willing to do last week; he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. His action has come with praise from the Israeli government and Jews, but warnings and condemnation emerged from the rest of the world. Promises of violence have turned into riots throughout Israel. … Continue reading Jerusalem – What is coming

Let’s hear it for the the Birthday Boy!

In my son's household, like in many families, birthdays are special; sometimes a celebration lasting several days. Each child will receive a birthday meal. The meal is whatever the child wants. It could be something mom makes or a trip to a restaurant, but the birthday person chooses. Then there is the party. Your typical … Continue reading Let’s hear it for the the Birthday Boy!