Faithfulness? Stewardship? What to do?

Christians have been anticipating the return of Jesus Christ since the Apostles watched Him ascend into heaven. Have you ever wondered what we are to be doing in the meantime? Jesus tells many parables (a physical story with a spiritual meaning). In one such parable, a nobleman goes off to a far country, leaving his … Continue reading Faithfulness? Stewardship? What to do?

Christmas is Coming

I once took a “stress test.” This test consisted of a long list of items; I was to check everything I had experienced within the last year. Each item had a predetermined number of points; the value of the marked items was totaled; the higher the total, the more stress I supposedly had in my … Continue reading Christmas is Coming


Horrific, terrible, bloodbath, tragedy, all these words and more are used to describe the events at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas. The word bloodbath may come the closest, but when something incomprehensible happens, it is difficult, if not impossible to use words that can accurately describe the event. Sutherland Springs joins a … Continue reading Evil

God Does Say No

Why is there a fence around the graveyard? Because people are dying to get in! The above is a joke I heard as a child. The joke is not all that funny, and my grandkids roll their eyes whenever I share it as we pass a cemetery. Many will find this odd, but I have … Continue reading God Does Say No