God’s End Game

We were visiting friends years ago, and our friends had a small child. The boy was at that stage of life where he would walk along furniture, but he would still crawl across the open floor. All the adults were sitting in the living room when here he came, crawling in from the kitchen dragging … Continue reading God’s End Game


The family dynamic in America has changed across recent decades. Divorce in my parents' generation was extremely rare; living together outside of marriage was also taboo. I am not saying the WWII generation was as pure as the driven snow, they had their share of adulterers and adulteresses, but marriage overall was looked at as … Continue reading Families


Watching the destruction of Paradise by Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano reminds me of the first part of Isaiah 5:14, "Therefore hell hath enlarged herself ..." The verse is speaking of hell enlarging to make room for more inhabitants, but watching the lava flow I cannot help but think of hell overflowing as that molten lake of … Continue reading Hell

Pep Rally

Remember pep rallies from high school? In my junior year, our basketball team made it to the final four. We had a pep rally when sectionals started, when regionals began, and when we sent our heroes off to the state tourney (if you are wondering we took it on the chin in the semi-final). The … Continue reading Pep Rally

“Who Says?”

There is a scene in the 2002 movie "Time Changer" I will never forget. The main character buys a hot dog from a vendor. He sits on a nearby bench and momentarily sets his hot dog next to him. A young girl grabs his prized lunch and runs off with it. He pursues her through … Continue reading “Who Says?”