Is Easter Important Or Meaningless?

Easter time is upon us. The big day is less than two weeks away. Each year, as Easter approaches, I wonder about Christians and their attitude toward Christianity. I have these thoughts because Easter makes Christianity an all-or-nothing proposition, and many claiming Christianity try to walk in the middle of the road. Allow me to … Continue reading Is Easter Important Or Meaningless?

The Reason For The Season

More than likely, you have heard the phrase, "Jesus is the reason for the season," about Christmas. I beg to differ. Looking in the mirror, you will see the reason for Christmas. The previous paragraph will cause some anger with some people, but before you write that nastygram, let us take a step back and … Continue reading The Reason For The Season

Why Christmas?

Have you ever been around one of those children that are constantly asking, "Why?" "Why is the sky blue?" "Why are some people mean?" "Why don't snails have legs?" "Why can't I eat ice cream before dinner?" Everyone knows the kid I am talking about. I was one of those children. We are in the … Continue reading Why Christmas?

Men, Women, Love And Marriage

By the time you read this, my wife and I will celebrate our forty-second anniversary. When we meet someone we have never met before and the fact that we have been married over forty years comes up, the usual response is amazement. "Wow!" is normally the first word we hear. It is incredible to me … Continue reading Men, Women, Love And Marriage

This Guy Isn’t Any Good

While out of town last week, I thought I would get my haircut. The young cosmetologist and I hit it off immediately. Somehow we quickly discovered we had some eating habits in common – neither of us like coffee or eggs. The conversation flowed from there to more personal things like family and her ex. … Continue reading This Guy Isn’t Any Good