What is good preaching?

What is good preaching? When it comes to style, there are many choices. Some ministers preach like an intellectual giving a dissertation. Speaking in a monotone, it would take a nearby explosion to get them to move from behind the pulpit. Others move around so much a pulpit seems unnecessary. Of those that move around, … Continue reading What is good preaching?

Are We Closer Than We Think?

Things developing in Israel over the last few weeks and especially on Easter must make one wonder if the end time events prophesied in the Bible will take the world by surprise very soon. The Times of Israel posted headlines throughout the day on Easter Sunday. The times listed are Israeli local times. 1:07 am … Continue reading Are We Closer Than We Think?

A Watered-Down Faith

My opinions of church may seem contradictory to many readers. On the one hand, I believe every Christian should attend church whenever humanly possible. That includes Sunday morning services and Sunday evening and mid-week services as well. On the other hand, I have written about how many modern-day church services resemble high school pep rallies … Continue reading A Watered-Down Faith


Throughout Christianity today, there is a growing problem of Bible ignorance. Often in letters from Civil War soldiers, you will read some incredible insight into the Scriptures. The average person of the 1860s had a theological knowledge that outshines many ministers today. Moving forward to the twenty-first century, I have written columns pleading with Christians … Continue reading Study


On a chilly Sunday morning nearly two thousand years ago, a group of women set out before sunrise to a tomb. They carried with them spices commonly used for embalming. Their leader, their friend, was murdered three days prior. Because of the religious holiday, He was buried quickly without the usual preparation of the body. … Continue reading AN EASTER LIKE NO OTHER

Christian Growth, Satan, and Sunday Mornings

If you are a Christian, Satan will use every means possible to make you ineffective. There are millions of people who will not listen to the Scriptures because a Christian or a group of Christians has done something unchristlike. Satan can convince a believer to act sinfully, and therefore tarnish their testimony for Christ. The … Continue reading Christian Growth, Satan, and Sunday Mornings