Each one of us has individuals that influence our life. Parents are high on many people's list of those making a difference in their lives. After all, without our mom and dad, we would not exist. Teachers are also high as influencers in people's lives. Thinking back to my school-age years, there are teachers I … Continue reading Influence

Poor In Spirit

"Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 5:3. Look at the promise given to the poor in spirit! The kingdom of heaven, which is salvation, eternal life. You may be thinking, "I thought salvation was through faith." It is. There are hundreds of verses that announce that … Continue reading Poor In Spirit

It’s Not About Religion

January 22, 1973; the school year of 1973-74; and April 24, 1975 - keep those dates in memory. They are essential to the rest of the column. Abortion is a hot topic on the news, social media, and private conversation since the recent Supreme Court's choice to send the decisions on abortion laws back to … Continue reading It’s Not About Religion

You Are Priceless

In the early 1990s, a local church with a school suddenly lost its Pastor. The church asked me if I would teach the Pastor's Bible study class for the remainder of the school year. I was happy to oblige. The class contained about twenty-five students from seventh grade through high school seniors. Having no idea … Continue reading You Are Priceless

The Founding Fathers And America Today

Throughout generations, things change. For example, some of the social graces practically no longer exist, such as standing when a woman enters a room or a man removing headgear while inside. Just two small examples of change over the years. During the recent Fourth of July celebrations, a thought came to mind - what would … Continue reading The Founding Fathers And America Today

Dad’s Rules

When I was growing up, there was a standing rule in our house - if the teacher punished us at school, dad punished us at home. This rule was no questions asked. I never heard dad say, "I'll go talk to your teacher about this." The teacher was the authority in the classroom, and if … Continue reading Dad’s Rules

A Different Christmas

This Christmas season, most people are sick and tired of hearing how different, challenging, and unusual this year we call 2020 has been. Therefore, this article will discuss how unusual, challenging, and different Christmas 2020 has been so far. Christmases past - the beautiful years of Norman Rockwell paintings, carolers caroling under every lamppost, snow … Continue reading A Different Christmas

The Sins Of A Nation

"I quit my job today." "What happened?" "My boss is a jerk! He got mad at something and went on a tyraide! He just started yelling and screaming. No one is going to talk to me that way!" "Was he right?" "What?" "Was he right? He sholdn't of been throwing a tantrum, but regardless of … Continue reading The Sins Of A Nation

Study Habits

  Do you remember studying for a test back in your school days? You are spending the evening reading a text over and over, answering study questions at the end of a chapter. I remember one test that had one particular question everyone missed. The teacher showed everyone that the answer was in the caption … Continue reading Study Habits

What Has God Done With The Law?

The law, you know the ten commandments and the seemingly endless list of dos and don'ts that people think appear throughout the Bible. What has God done with the law? Handling of the law varies from church to church, and person to person. Some churches regulate nearly every aspect of someone's life, while others seem … Continue reading What Has God Done With The Law?