Are We Closer Than We Think?

Things developing in Israel over the last few weeks and especially on Easter must make one wonder if the end time events prophesied in the Bible will take the world by surprise very soon. The Times of Israel posted headlines throughout the day on Easter Sunday. The times listed are Israeli local times. 1:07 am … Continue reading Are We Closer Than We Think?


Christian, does it ever seem that the Christian life does not live up to the hype? Is the joy and peace being a Christian should bring beginning to look like something we experience in heaven instead of something attainable during this life? If this seems to be the case, please read on. In agriculture, if … Continue reading Fruit

Puzzle Pieces – Russia, Israel, Ukraine.

Questions keep rolling into my mailbox. Over the last few weeks, the most asked question is - Does this Russia/Ukraine thing have anything to do with Bible prophecy? The short answer is - Indirectly yes. For the long answer, one needs to turn to Ezekiel chapters 38-39. Because names of nations change over the years, … Continue reading Puzzle Pieces – Russia, Israel, Ukraine.

Redeeming The Time

The new century used to seem so far away. Back in grade school, around fifty years ago, my classmates and I would talk about the arrival of the year 2000 and how old we would be. To an eight-year-old, that magical age of forty seemed like an eternity away. As a school child of the … Continue reading Redeeming The Time

It’s Holiday Season?

My youngest granddaughter had a birthday party the other day. Only the family attended, not all the family, only some of the cousins. After the presents, cake, and balloons, one of the adults said, "Does it seem like Thanksgiving to anybody?" The response was unanimous; no one thought it seemed like Thanksgiving.  My first thought, … Continue reading It’s Holiday Season?

It’s OK to Read the End of the Book

  When our Easter evening services ended, there was a surprise when everyone saw an inch of snow was on the ground. By morning there were four. Many people wish for a white Christmas, but few, if any, want a white Easter. The fresh layer of snow should melt by afternoon, the highs are predicted … Continue reading It’s OK to Read the End of the Book

The passing of time

As the pages flip on the calendar, I tend to get more reflective around the New Year. When I was younger, there was the “this is what I am going to be when I grow up” statements, but those came at any time not just around the first of January. The first dream I had … Continue reading The passing of time