Are We Closer Than We Think?

Things developing in Israel over the last few weeks and especially on Easter must make one wonder if the end time events prophesied in the Bible will take the world by surprise very soon. The Times of Israel posted headlines throughout the day on Easter Sunday. The times listed are Israeli local times. 1:07 am … Continue reading Are We Closer Than We Think?

Money, Money, Money.

In the early days of home computers, I played a game with my kids called "Gazillionaire." In that game, there is a character who only says, "Money, money, money!" His voice is nasal tone and eerie, rather creepy. I found the game again recently and have played with some of my grandchildren. Every once in … Continue reading Money, Money, Money.

Where Have All The Fishers Gone?

My father-in-law was an avid fisherman. It was not uncommon to find him gutting and scaling dozens of fish in the backyard. He chose to retire near a river known for excellent fishing. My father-in-law took me fishing on several occasions, but I never caught a fish. Here is this man who usually comes home … Continue reading Where Have All The Fishers Gone?

Itching Ears And The Power Of God

The goal of this week's column is twofold. One, to convince preachers to preach something more than fuzzy-wuzzy, "God loves you sermons." Two, to prevail upon people to attend churches that preach the truth and stomps on your toes from time to time. The Bible speaks of a time when congregations will have "itching ears" … Continue reading Itching Ears And The Power Of God

Would You Believe If You Saw A Miracle?

Would you "believe if you saw a miracle? The answer is "no," unless you would have believed God's Word in the first place. Jesus tells the story of a rich man and a beggar named Lazarus. Lazarus hangs around the rich man's house, usually laying by the front gate. The beggar develops sores on his … Continue reading Would You Believe If You Saw A Miracle?