The Next Full Moon

As I was up before sunrise this morning, I gazed at the full moon in the western sky - the last full moon of winter. I could not help but think of the next full moon, the first of the spring season marking the coming of Easter. My mind went back two thousand years and … Continue reading The Next Full Moon

America Needs Healing

America needs healing, and that healing can only come from the Great Physician - Jesus Christ. The channel that Christ uses to heal a nation is His people. 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; … Continue reading America Needs Healing

The Spirit Of Antichrist

The Bible talks of a day yet to come commonly called "The Tribulation Period." The Bible has several names for this seven-year period that plays havoc with the earth, including, "The time of Jacob's trouble," "the Day of the Lord," among others. It is also known as Daniel's seventieth week. The main character on earth … Continue reading The Spirit Of Antichrist

How Does God’s Love and Justice Coexist?

"How can a loving God send someone to hell?" "If God loves us, how can He allow things like this to happen?" "A God that would send someone to hell is not a God I want to follow." Over the years, if God had given me a dollar every time I heard these or similar … Continue reading How Does God’s Love and Justice Coexist?

What Has God Done With The Law?

The law, you know the ten commandments and the seemingly endless list of dos and don'ts that people think appear throughout the Bible. What has God done with the law? Handling of the law varies from church to church, and person to person. Some churches regulate nearly every aspect of someone's life, while others seem … Continue reading What Has God Done With The Law?

Why Should God Let You Into Heaven?

Without getting into a sizeable theological debate on the several different judgments the Bible talks about, let us assume, come judgment day, God asks you a straightforward question, "Why should I let you into heaven?" What would your answer be? Let us examine what would be some of the more popular answers. "I was a … Continue reading Why Should God Let You Into Heaven?

Love the sinner; hate the sin

They happened in homes across the land, some have even occurred in restaurants, workplaces, and other places of business. They are called interventions. During an intervention, friends, family and loved ones will gather to talk to someone about how they are ruining their life and possibly the lives of those around them. The group will … Continue reading Love the sinner; hate the sin

Circumcision of the heart

Slightly over three-fourths of boys born in the United States are circumcised as newborns. While circumcision is not a life-saving surgery, circumcision of the heart will change lives. Before you start thinking there is some new medical procedure for the physical organ we call the heart, please understand, the heart I am writing about is … Continue reading Circumcision of the heart