What is good preaching?

What is good preaching? When it comes to style, there are many choices. Some ministers preach like an intellectual giving a dissertation. Speaking in a monotone, it would take a nearby explosion to get them to move from behind the pulpit. Others move around so much a pulpit seems unnecessary. Of those that move around, … Continue reading What is good preaching?

Can You Run With The Lions?

There is an air of uncertainty with many Christians today. In the United States, Christians have pretty much lived their lives with the ability to voice their opinion and worship as they choose.  Like other Americans, American Christians live their lives making choices, some good, some bad, but what you do and how you live … Continue reading Can You Run With The Lions?

Equality Under The Law – God’s Law

Most people have a misconception about God's law. We know that no one is perfect, but after that fact, two general beliefs prevail. First, overall if we do the right and stay away from wrong as much as possible, we will have achieved God's favor. Second, there is a line, and if we cross it, … Continue reading Equality Under The Law – God’s Law

What Has God Done With The Law?

The law, you know the ten commandments and the seemingly endless list of dos and don'ts that people think appear throughout the Bible. What has God done with the law? Handling of the law varies from church to church, and person to person. Some churches regulate nearly every aspect of someone's life, while others seem … Continue reading What Has God Done With The Law?

Why Should God Let You Into Heaven?

Without getting into a sizeable theological debate on the several different judgments the Bible talks about, let us assume, come judgment day, God asks you a straightforward question, "Why should I let you into heaven?" What would your answer be? Let us examine what would be some of the more popular answers. "I was a … Continue reading Why Should God Let You Into Heaven?