Each one of us has individuals that influence our life. Parents are high on many people's list of those making a difference in their lives. After all, without our mom and dad, we would not exist. Teachers are also high as influencers in people's lives. Thinking back to my school-age years, there are teachers I … Continue reading Influence

The State Of The Union

The state of America can be a short speech. One sentence will do - "The country is a mess." Our problems include inflation, abortion, crime, mass shootings, health care, Chinese spy balloons, a general lack of trust, wildfires, hurricanes, the supply chain, an ever-increasing national debt, and the list goes on. Now that several problems … Continue reading The State Of The Union

America Needs Healing

America needs healing, and that healing can only come from the Great Physician - Jesus Christ. The channel that Christ uses to heal a nation is His people. 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; … Continue reading America Needs Healing

Is God Judging America?

In 1 Chronicles 21, God punishes David for taking a census. On the surface, taking a census seems innocent enough, but David's actions involved more than simply numbering the people. Let us look at the underlying things in the story. God did not tell David to conduct a census. David did not even ask if … Continue reading Is God Judging America?

Is It Right Or Is It Wrong?

When I was a kid, right and wrong were pretty much straightforward. It does not appear that way anymore. In the movie "Time Changer," there is a scene where a man buys a hot dog from a vendor. He walks over to a bench, sets the hot dog down, and becomes occupied with the other … Continue reading Is It Right Or Is It Wrong?

Itching Ears And The Power Of God

The goal of this week's column is twofold. One, to convince preachers to preach something more than fuzzy-wuzzy, "God loves you sermons." Two, to prevail upon people to attend churches that preach the truth and stomps on your toes from time to time. The Bible speaks of a time when congregations will have "itching ears" … Continue reading Itching Ears And The Power Of God

Mass Shootings & The Church’s Influence

Since the Colorado shooting last week, arguments about what to do to stop the carnage have reached a fever pitch.  There are many opinions out there. The government should spend more money on treating mental disorders, take guns off the streets is the most touted. Please allow me my two cents.  Years ago, a cardiologist … Continue reading Mass Shootings & The Church’s Influence

Bible Bloodbath

King Solomon built the first Jewish Temple. When completed, a dedication ceremony took place. At the ceremony, the Hebrews made sacrifices. The Bible tells us, "the people offered sacrifices before the LORD" and that "king Solomon offered a sacrifice..." (2 Chronicles 7:4-5). The Bible does not tell us how many people came with a sacrifice. … Continue reading Bible Bloodbath

God Needs Gap People

God may be looking for someone to tell Him what for. Upon hearing that you may think, "We should not talk to God that way, it is disrespectful." Or, "I'd never tell God off." As a rule, giving God advice, may not be a good idea. However, there was a time when God looked for … Continue reading God Needs Gap People

Trust – Where Are You?

We have reached a time in our country when trust is nearly nonexistent. As a Pastor, from time to time, I will counsel married couples. Any problem can be solved if trust is still in play. Once either person loses faith in the other, it is a long, hard road returning to a working relationship. … Continue reading Trust – Where Are You?