Is Easter Important Or Meaningless?

Easter time is upon us. The big day is less than two weeks away. Each year, as Easter approaches, I wonder about Christians and their attitude toward Christianity. I have these thoughts because Easter makes Christianity an all-or-nothing proposition, and many claiming Christianity try to walk in the middle of the road. Allow me to … Continue reading Is Easter Important Or Meaningless?

The Reason For The Season

More than likely, you have heard the phrase, "Jesus is the reason for the season," about Christmas. I beg to differ. Looking in the mirror, you will see the reason for Christmas. The previous paragraph will cause some anger with some people, but before you write that nastygram, let us take a step back and … Continue reading The Reason For The Season

The Importance of a Virgin

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Yeah, I know it is still early December, but we should have Christmas cheer all year long. A few years back, we had a family of children visit our church. It was early December. The kids were starting to work on the Christmas play during Sunday School. The Christmas play was the … Continue reading The Importance of a Virgin

Why The What

Have you ever wondered, "Why Christmas?" The answer seems simple enough, "We have Christmas to celebrate Jesus' birthday." Jesus' birthday is the what, not the why. Jesus' birthday is what we celebrate on Christmas. But why do we celebrate His birth? Going a bit deeper, maybe we should ask why Jesus was born in the … Continue reading Why The What

It’s Holiday Season?

My youngest granddaughter had a birthday party the other day. Only the family attended, not all the family, only some of the cousins. After the presents, cake, and balloons, one of the adults said, "Does it seem like Thanksgiving to anybody?" The response was unanimous; no one thought it seemed like Thanksgiving.  My first thought, … Continue reading It’s Holiday Season?

Wise Guys And A Toddler

As the calendar pages flip through the passing centuries, the misnomers of Christmas have continued to grow. The misinformation of the first Christmas grew from tradition and experienced a growth spurt during the twentieth century with the increase of media through movies and television. One error, in particular, is seen in nearly every place that … Continue reading Wise Guys And A Toddler

The story behind the gift wrap.

Maybe it is because I do not get out as much as I should; perhaps it is because the only Christmas shopping I do is for my wife, but something happened this week that has not happened to me in several years – I found wrapping paper that had something about Jesus on it. The … Continue reading The story behind the gift wrap.